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20% more sales
Boost efficiency
Save time
Lower Personnel cost
Easy to use


Create your own KIOSK package

A KIOSK package includes a software and hardware part.

Software & service

The beating hearth of every kiosk.

€99per kiosk per month
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$150per seat per year
  • Our software includes :
  • 7/7 support and assistance
  • Order and pay at the kiosk
  • POS and payment terminal integration included
Our hardware price

We have a kiosk solution for every project.

€ 2.299starting at
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$450per seat per year
  • Our hardware includes:
  • the latest version of the SOKIOSK computing unit
  • a pixel-perfect touchscreen
  • a sturdy, durable kiosk housing
  • several customizable elements

Our other software

€59Per month
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$79Per Month, Billed Annually
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Online ordering

Our online ordering software transforms foodservice by delivering a seamless, optimized online customer experience with real-time updates, diverse payment options and integrated analytics for operational efficiency and business growth.

  • 7/7 support
  • Frequent updates
  • All features
  • Time slots
  • Software training
  • Several payment options
€59per month
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$79Per Month, Billed Annually
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QR-Menu ordering

Our QR Menu app streamlines dining experiences by offering customers an intuitive touchless menu navigation and ordering solution, enhanced by real-time updates and seamless integration for improved operational efficiency and customer engagement.

  • 7/7 support
  • Frequent updates
  • All features
  • Contactless ordering
  • User-friendly
  • Several payment options


Answers to frequently asked questions

Financing or leasing options available for a SOKIOSK?

Yes, we offer flexible financing and leasing options to fit your budget. Our team can work with you to determine the best financial arrangement for your business.

Are there any ongoing subscription fees associated with SOKIOSK?

Yes, there is a software subscription fee to take into account that this will be paid annually.

Do I get volume discounts for multiple purchases at SOKIOSK?

Yes, we offer volume discounts for companies looking to purchase multiple Sokiosk kiosks. Our sales team can discuss discounted pricing based on the quantity you need.

Are there any hidden costs associated with implementing SOKIOSK?

Sokiosk aims for price transparency. During our consultation, we'll provide a complete overview of all costs, including hardware, software, customization, installation and ongoing support. There are no hidden costs.