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Tips for Maintaining Self-Service Kiosks in the Hospitality Industry

Published by Louis van SOKIOSK on
Maintaining self-service kiosks in the hospitality industry is essential to ensure they continue to operate smoothly and provide an optimal user experience for customers. At Sokiosk, we understand the importance of proper maintenance and aim to assist our clients in keeping their kiosks i... Read More

The Importance of Intuitive Design in Self-Service Kiosks

Published by Louis van SOKIOSK on
In the world of self-service kiosks, user-friendliness is crucial for success. An intuitive design of the kiosk interface plays an essential role in improving the user experience and maximizing efficiency. At Sokiosk, we understand this importance and continuously strive to design kiosks that mee... Read More

Introducing Custom Branding Options for Sokiosk

Published by Louis van SOKIOSK on
As a hospitality establishment, presenting your brand consistently and recognizably to your customers is paramount. That's why we at Sokiosk are delighted to announce our latest feature: custom branding options for our self-service kiosks. With this new capability, hospitality establishments can ... Read More